Professional team of lawyers

Since the foundation day of Seyhan law office in Turkey in 1991, the basic rule of our specialists is to search for optimal solutions of legal tasks, relying not only on experience and knowledge, but also on wishes of the clients. During these long 25 years of experience in providing various legal services in Turkey, we have earned the recognition of numerous customers from Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, Arab countries and even far-away corners of our planet.

Today Seyhan law office has become one of the leading legal companies most actively working with foreign citizens throughout Turkey. Therefore, we can proudly state, that our most important advantages are years of accumulated experience in various legal fields and a team of highly qualified professionals, who love their job faithfully.

In order to keep up with the modern technologies, since 2014, we have launched our first Russian-language Internet project with the aim of providing legal advice for the foreigners online. The project has been a great success among the Russian-speaking Internet users with more than 5,000 monthly number of visitors. We are especially proud of our two new Internet projects-, which are able to cover the English-speaking and Arabic-speaking audience from all over the world. The total number of visitors coming to our three internet sites has reached 10.000 per month.

Members of our team are delighted to share the news and articles on the websites, as well as to offer foreign people an opportunity to get legal advice directly from Turkish lawyers and attorneys in real time mode. We make legal advice available to every Internet user, trying to respond to all questions as promptly as possible and explain necessary details. In some cases, our lawyers perform a video conference with clients by making a preliminary appointment, in order to provide more legal advice. This service is free, as well as the application by email, in a chat window, or personal consultation in our office in Ankara.

We are glad to help anyone who applies to our law firm, and have a possibility of effective cooperation with foreign nationals wishing to get high quality legal services in Turkey.