Mustafa Korkmaz

Turkish attorney in the field of commercial law
lawyer Mustafa Korkmaz

Attorney. Professionally specializes  in commercial, business law and criminal law.

Was born in 1976 in Bolu-Mudurnu region of Turkey. Graduated from Electronics department of Bolu Izzet Baysal industrial vocational school and law faculty of Ankara University. Since 2002 he has been working as a lawyer registered in Ankara Bar Association under the number 15757.

Areas of legal practice.

  1. Family law and Civil law.
    • Attorney Mustafa Korkmaz has outstanding achievements in following divorce court cases, division of property, child custody. He is actively working with foreign citizens in Turkey protecting their rights in obtaining compensations and alimony during divorce proceedings.
    • Registration of inheritance for foreign citizens, issuing certificate of inheritance, drafting a will.
  2. Criminal law.
    • Professional defense of foreign nationals during criminal trials.
    • Applications for cancellation of the ban on departure for foreign citizens.
    • Representing interests of foreign nationals during the criminal court cases after motor-vehicle accidents.
  3. Energy law.
    • Representing companies during Hydroelectric Power Plants projects within Energy Market Regulatory Authority.
    • Providing legal services to the companies dealing with TEİAŞ (Turkey Electricity Transmission) in the field of production and installation of energy transmission lines.
  4. Labor laws and legislation.
    • Establishing the basic conditions for staff recruitment in companies and developing related system.
    • Court cases dedicated to recovery of arrears on wages.
    • Compensations for workers who got injured due to employment-industrial accidents.
    • Adjustment of work safety process in terms of prevention of employment-industrial accidents.