Yuri Arhipov

Lawyer specialist in executive law, commercial law, trade in Turkey
lawyer Osman Altuntash

Lawyer of foreign affairs. Possess the basic knowledge of the Turkish legislation system, Specialist in support of export-import operations, customs formalities and logistics.

Born in Russia 05.10.1964. Graduated from the Moscow University of International Relationships. Speaks Turkish and English. Has been working as a partner of Seyhan law office in Russian Federation since 2011. Has a successful experience in providing the compensations for moral and material damage for the victims of traffic accidents in Turkey and for the relatives of those who died. In order to provide legal consultations for foreign people Yuri Arkhipov travels all over Europe and Russian Federation. He is experienced in making international contracts with China, Germany, Canada, Italy, Turkey. A specialist in debt collection for the foreign companies making business with the Turkish partners.